Does Alki Kids Place (AKP) take children on a drop-in basis? What is the rate?

Yes. AKP takes registered children on a drop-in basis as long as we have current information for your child and there is space available in the program. Parents must call before 9:00 am on the drop-in day to check for available space before bringing already-registered children to AKP as a drop-in. The cost is $25 per regular school day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) and $30 for Wednesdays (all early dismissal).

Is there a “Sibling Discount?”

Yes, it’s 10% off of the second child’s fee for full time, Monday-Friday, children.

Does AKP have hourly rates?

No, AKP does not have an hourly rate.

What is the AKP cancellation policy?

To help us with snack and activity planning, AKP needs 24-hour advance notice for an anticipated absence. Of course, if your child becomes ill, just call us as soon as you can.

What if I arrive after 6:30 for pickup?

To honor our staff for this extra time, we charge $1/minute beyond 6:30 pm. Staff members who stay late receive this amount in cash from you directly.

Does AKP provide transportation to or from school?

For Alki Elementary students only, staff members meet AKP children at the school and walk them to Alki Kid’s Place, rain or shine. Children from schools other than Alki Elementary use the Seattle public school bus system. To find out if your child can be bused to AKP, call the Seattle Public Schools transportation department at (206) 252-0900.

Is AKP open for early dismissals, in-service days and holiday breaks?

Yes. AKP is open for all early dismissals and in-service days. Please check the Program tab for relevant dates.

What kind of snacks do we provide?

We believe that “real food” is what nourishes growing children. Whenever possible, we serve organic, natural and whole food options. We steer away from foods with artificial colors and flavors, preservatives or other additives.

What is our snow day policy?

If the Seattle Public Schools are closed, AKP is closed. If schools close during the day, AKP will not open for afternoon care.

Does AKP accommodate children with special needs?

AKP makes every effort to work with families to adapt the space and activities to your children’s unique abilities.