Alki Kid’s Place was founded in 2008 as a program of Alki United Church of Christ (Alki UCC). Our mission is to support working families by providing a variety of engaging and affordable activities for children in a caring and nurturing environment.

We believe that children should be able to pursue their own interests, explore new ventures, complete homework, relax, have fun, make friends, strengthen social ties and grow in spirit. We are committed to fostering healthy development by encouraging children to make choices, share ideas, care about/respect others and develop positive relationships.


As in past years, students from Alki Elementary School will be met after school by AKP staff and escorted to walk the few blocks to Alki UCC. We have discussed logistics with the school principal about the coming school year and will send an instruction recap closer to the beginning of school.

Alki Kid’s Place does not provide transportation from other schools or locations. Parents may request bus transportation by calling the Seattle City School Transportation Department at 206.252.0900.